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About Me

Working as a Broker/REALTOR® flows so seamlessly for me with all that I’m passionate about in my life

My background and unique cultural experiences have equipped me to understand how important it is to treat each and every client as an individual. I show my clients this by understanding both their individual needs and the history that they bring to our relationship. I love being able to work in the career of my choice every day and I never feel like I am “just doing a job.”

I was born in California, but my real “growing up” years were spent in North Africa where my father worked as a petroleum engineer. I went to grade school in Libya and spent my high school years in Spain. I was able to experience many unique cultures and this helped to shape the outgoing, spirited woman that I became. With my return to Southern California in 1980, I fed my passion for homes by taking some college courses in interior design. During that time I got married and started a family. I found it more conducive to pursue a career in the dental field, as this allowed me to be a mother and work part-time. The variety in my life had already instilled a drive and determination in me, not to just “settle” for an ordinary journey, but to seize all that life has to offer!

The next phases of my life involved moving to Hawaii for three years and building my first home on the Big Island as my own contractor! We then moved to Costa Rica for two years, then moved back to Southern California in 1990. It was a joy for me to have my children, three boys, experience the rewarding lifestyle of growing up in different cultures like I did.

When I returned to the United States, it felt natural for me to follow in my mother’s footsteps and add Broker/REALTOR® to my list of accomplishments. Learning Real Estate in California in the early 1990’s was during a challenging time in the market, but very rewarding. It gave me a solid foundation for learning Real Estate and a taste for the profession that has never left me. Approaching my Real Estate career in the Tri-Cities with the same vigor and drive as the rest of my life, I chose to join Windermere.

Dedicating myself to being a full-time Realtor, I consistently go above and beyond the national Real Estate requirements and take extensive continuing education classes. I am a member of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and love to participate in community events and fundraisers.
Before deciding to make my home in the Tri-Cities in 1996, I had no idea what had drawn my parents to Eastern Washington, over all the beautiful and exotic countries they had lived in before. Though after being here only a short time, the many reasons they love this area has become obvious to me as well. The days of sunshine, the mild winters, the Columbia River, and incredible sunsets, all rank high on the list. However, it is the people who shine the brightest. Their diversity, the way they pull together to help those in need, the welcoming smiles and community involvements, all combine to make me proud to live here, work here and call the Tri-Cities my forever home. This is my dream home place to live.